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Touch the Words is a 501(c)(3) non - profit organization designed to provide underprivileged children with a library full of diverse books in English as well as their native language to enhance their education. The library ranges from children's picture books to more advanced fiction and non-fiction novels covering a variety of topics including history, science, math, and English.  

While new technology has evolved and many readers now use electronic books, the tangible words and pages of real books have educated and entertained for centuries and should not be forgotten. Books are an easy and accessible means of information for all ages, especially in third world countries where electricity and internet access is not available 24/7.

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"During my trip in Africa I visited a school called the Local Cowboys School. I entered a 7th grade classroom and was immediately inspired. All of the children were sitting up at their desks and answering the teacher's questions in unison. The students eagerness to learn was clear and I wanted to give them the resources to further their education. The students were passionate about learning and having a brighter future therefore, I was inspired to help them achieve their goals."

Divya Arora (Founder/CEO)

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We are a group of high school students from Palm Harbor University High School. For the past year, we have been working together to accomplish both short and long term goals. Collaborating with local businesses, we have achieved great things.


Furthering children's education with tangible knowledge.


Increase literacy in countries located in Central America/Caribbean

Double the size of libraries in schools overseas

Maintain contact with the students in the schools overseas to see growth

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