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Strachan's Homemade Ice Cream Fundraising

Pinellas, FL

Strachan's event took place in countryside where we set up a Touch The Words booth. Strachan's was generous and donated a portion of the profits to our organization. During the event, many people came into the shop and we had the opportunity to share Touch The Words with them.

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"One of our most fun events was our event at Strachan's ice cream shop in Countryside. We were able to set up a booth inside the shop and pass out flyers to people waiting in line for ice cream. We also had members of our team dress up as cows and wave signs on the street to attract people to come in and get some ice cream! A portion of the ice cream sales that day went to our organization to help with the shipping cost of books."

Rachel Lenett (Social Media Director 2018-2019)

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